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HVACR Carbon Monoxide Safety Training

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Carbon Monoxide Safety Training

ksKimball a nationally known education provider and technical support specialist for HVACR technicians offers programs in areas of: 

Carbon Monoxide Safety:  A class to provide resource information on Carbon Monoxide, safety, testing procedures and investigation. Information on prevention including first response, measurement and documentation is covered. CO alarms and monitors function and listings discussed. Learn about becoming a CO analyst and safety provider for your community.

ANALYZER MAINTENACE AND EFFECTIVE APPLIANCE TESTING     This class offers the technician tips on proper care, maintenance, & service of their analyzer.   Tips on good testing procedures will be discussed. Understanding the instrument's full capability of testing in ambient air and flue gas applications will be explained. With proper care/maintenance analyzers will provide good service and accurate testing between calibrations.

Combustion Analysis During this class you will be given the opportuntiy to increase your understanding of the combustion process in residential commercial, and industrial applications. Test procedures will be discussed and test instrument choices explored. Efficiency, troubleshooting and sequence of operation are keys to analysis. 

Appliance Venting:  The focus for this class is on the dynamics of venting and design. We will discuss the relationship between burning fuel and the changing state of gases and liquids, the release of usable heat and the flow of flue gases through combustion systems and the carrying capacity of the vent system.

Gas Pipe Sizing:  Instruction relative to fuel piping,  capacity and flow.  The size and layout of fuel piping will be discussed. We will explore requirements and demand areas of gas and liquid fuels. You will also learn how verification procedure, design, solving code mysteries, and diagnosing problems  can work.

Attendee certificate of completion is provided for all attendees of our trainings. Certifications available in Combustion Analysis and Carbon Monoxide Safety as course participants have the opportunity to take the HVAC Excellence exams.

ksKimball can tailor programs to fit the needs of your group.

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