Calibration/Repair on Bacharach Instruments

Calibration and Sensors

Calibration and sensor replacement are important in maintaining your analyzers.

 ksKimball repairs and calibrates Bacharach and Testo analyzers according to

recommended manufacturer standards.

Sending your analyzer to us in the factory case is best method to protect your instrument, please include probe assembly. If printer, chargers or other heavy accessories are removed from the case before you send the analyzer to us, you can save on shipping! Remember to include information about the service needed to be done and your contact & billing information. Insurance & shipment tracking is recommended.


We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Prices are in US dollars.

Product List

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Calibration: Testo 310Calibration:  Testo 310Testo 310 Calibration
Calibration: Bacharach IntechCalibration: Bacharach IntechStandard calibration
Calibration: Bacharach Monoxor SeriesCalibration: Bacharach Monoxor SeriesStandard calibraton. Parts and accessories are additional.
Calibration: Bacharach PCA3/PCA 400Calibration: Bacharach PCA3/PCA 400Calibraton of the Bacharach PCA3 and the PCA 400

Callibration: Bacharach Fyrite Insight/Insight PlusCallibration: Bacharach Fyrite Insight/Insight PlusStandard calibration. Includes inspection of instrument and probe assembly (if shipped with unit). Sensors are spanned, adjusted, date checked and visually verified. Probe assembly serviced. A brief description should be included with instruments being sent to us for service. Thanks! Service repairs, parts, labor and accessories are additional and charges added if applicable.