Testo 875-1i Thermal Imager
Testo 875-1i Thermal Imager
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The Testo 875-1i thermal imager features: exceptional image quality-with a temperature resolution of <80 mK, even minimal temperature differences are shown,i ncludes the latest PC Image viewing software IRSoft, version 2.3: IRSoft now has a great new feature, TwinPix, a professional picture in picture overlay of the digital image with the IR image which helps you quickly pinpoint defective areas. Using TwinPix you can easily adjust the intensity of the images by regulating their transparency levels effectively fusing them together. Third, you can set your own critical temperature ranges. The temperatures are clearly marked in the digital image as well as the IR image for easy reference. All TwinPix, or overlay images, can be easily incorporated into your reports.

* NETD <80 mK or 0.08ºC
* High-quality wide standard lens 32° x 23°: Wide viewing area, ideal for building performance work
* Integrated digital camera: With the testo 875-2, view both the digital and IR image simultaneously for faster and more reliable diagnosis of a measurement area.
* Auto Hot/Cold spot indicator
Automatically pinpoint the hottest and coldest spot of object or area and mark them in the thermal imager display
* Fine tuning, manual focus for sharp image resolution
* Temperature range -4 to +536°F
* Professional analysis software: included
* Intuitive menu structure with 5-way joystick control
* Telephoto lens (optional)
* Protective Lens (optional): A protective lens, made of germanium, is simple to attach to the lens protecting the valuable optics from dirt and scratches.

All imagers are delivered in a rugged case incl. pro software, SD card, USB cable, charger, Li-Ion rechargeable battery and tripod adapter.